I work with clients in a variety of ways. A big part of my job is listening to their vision, and translating that vision into something palatable. To imbibe each project with the intended feeling; whether it's finding a unique paper or color, or a fresh perspective or idea.

One of my favorite but more demanding projects was designing Tuscany's business card. The owners had taken great care in the design of the restaurant, and they wanted a card that reflected the same quality. I photographed some interesting aspects of the building's exterior, then carved the logo out of the backdrop in photoshop and cut a deckled edge.

Executing the design was a painstaking process, matching color and even going back to the drawing board a few times to get the edge "just right." The results were awesome, and everyone involved felt the card reflects perfectly the restaurant it represents.

I enjoy each project immensely, and find that my word of mouth business keeps me quite busy. I wouldn't have it any other way.




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ZuZu Restaurant
Heaven & Earth
Exquisite Desserts
Napa Valley Orchids
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