Harvest Meditation

Use the Harvest Meditation regularly to move your attention away from needs and onto fulfillment. I do this around bills, paydays, and any other times I am feeling particularly needy. Remember, regular daily meditation is like taking your vitamins. The purpose of meditation is to open you to a receptive mode...and this one is to open you to receiving more wealth and abundance in your life!

Begin by finding a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for at least 20 minutes. Turn off the ringer on the phone and relax into your comfortable space. Make sure there is something behind you to support your back. Now, close your eyes and reflect for a moment on your current financial situation. If you are experiencing lack and limitation in any area of your life, imagine putting those experiences in a basket. Find the perfect size basket to hold all of your worries and wants. Now, pick up that basket and begin to walk. Your basket may feel heavy or too big to walk comfortably. If you need to, put it on a wagon and pull it behind you. Feel the weight of what you are carrying.

Now see yourself walking down a path in a beautiful green forest. You feel as though you have walked down this path before. Notice how familiar everything is, and yet here and there you see the subtle changes that come with the seasons. You continue walking down this path, deeper into the forest. Smell the clean fresh air as it gently blows against your skin. Now and then you see bright bursts of light breaking through the dense trellis of branches above. Your basket seems less heavy as your heart fills with the beautiful sights of the natural world.

Up ahead on the path, the light begins to brighten as you move towards a clearing in the middle of the dark forest. As you step now into the light, you see a magnificent tree standing in the middle of a grassy meadow. This tree is your special tree...this is your money tree....a symbol for your source and supply. You now set your basket down at the foot of the tree. This tree is tall and strong, and radiantly healthy. Reach out your hand and touch it now. Feel the roughness of the bark and the shiny smoothness of the leaves. Feel the energy flowing through the tree. Feel it pulsating through the branches, up and out to the leaves. Notice how many leaves there are on each twig, and how many twigs fill a branch, and how many branches fill a tree. There are so many leaves that you could not count them all. Now sit down comfortably at the base of the tree and rest your head on the trunk. Feel that you are totally supported, resting your back and your neck against this strong and powerful being. As you melt into the trunk, feel that you are completely relaxed and totally supported. Now, give thanks for this support, for this power and presence in your life that brings you such abundance. You feel privileged to have such a wonderful and abundant source.

Now, find your basket and begin to empty it here at the base of the tree. You do not have to think about each thing that you take out of the basket, or name each thing as you set it gently at the foot of your tree, but you can if you like. Know that doubt, sorrow, pain, guilt, lack, and fear are all just burdens you have been carrying, and it is time now to set them down. As you stand up, see how quickly they diminish in size. They slowly begin to dissolve into the roots as you turn your attention once again to the tree.Now reach up into the tree and begin to gather the qualities you will carry with you out of the forest today...things that will replace what you carried in. If you need strength, hope, peace, wisdom...they are all here as fruits of this tree. If you need money, gather it now. Notice your to amazement as each of the leaves turns into just what you need as you place your hands on it. Continue to fill your basket until you feel as though you have more than enough. Remember, you can return to this place any time, as many times as you need to. As you lift your basket, notice how much lighter it feels, even though it contains more than when you brought it in.

Take a moment to give thanks again for the beautiful gifts you have received here today. As you turn back towards the path, back towards your world, know that you will emerge from the forest renewed. You are moving up the path with a spring in your step and a song in your heart, ready to face the day ahead. And as you leave the path, remember this place, and know that you will return often to receive the blessings you have found here today.

The Harvest Meditation is reprinted with permission from Planting the Money Tree: A bottomline Guide to Cultivating Money Consciousness at www.e-moneytree.com. Please feel free to distribute this meditation along with this information. If this meditation has been useful to you, please click here to pay $1 for this work. The Harvest Meditation is soon to be released on Cassette Tape and CD. Namaste.