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The Party's Over...



with the Volker Strifler Band

Thursday July 17th

Volker and the band, Chip Roland (keys) Paul Revelli (drums) Don Bassey (bass) David Schraeder (sax) and Carl Bowers (trombone) at Chef's Market in Napa. Check out the latest edition of Napa Valley Life Magazine (on newstands now!) for an article on the Volker Strifler Band written by Linda Lefler.


Nuclear Blonde & Pat Wilder
Live from Headfeathers

Sunday July 13th

Shauna Marshall & Pat Wilder www.patwilderlive.com

Check Out New Nuclear Blonde Video - Love Me All the Way

Girls Gone Wild @ The Barn Dance
Saturday July 19th

Shauna, Kari and Kellie kicking it at the barn-turned-disco complete with hoola hoop girls and DJ Rotten Robbie.

Wine, Women & Shoes
Sunday June 29th

Emmy, Grammy, Tony and Academy Award-winning Actress Rita Moreno was the special guest at the recent Wine, Women and Shoes benefit for Planned Parenthood held at St. Supery Winery. Patti, Rita and I take a break from shopping, eating and drinking. Check out the latest edition of Napa Valley Life Magazine (on newstands now!) for all the pix from this and other great events in the Napa Valley this past summer.


Candye Kane Benefit@
Biscuits & Blues

Sunday June 8th

Performances by King Tuff n' Stuff, Carmen Getit & Steve Lucky, Kid Anderson, Rick Estrin, Laura Chavez & Tommy Castro. PHOTO by ROBERT HAKINS

Live auction included a set of Fantasy Boobs signed by all of the artists performing that afternoon (as modeled by Steve Lucky) and another set signed by Elvin Bishop and a host of other blues legends...please note I am NOT a professional model ;-) Missed the party? Click Here for PHOTO ALBUM

Donations can still be made via pay pal:
Or you can send a check to:
Candye Kane Cancer Fund
315 S. Hwy 101 #47 Encinitas, Ca 92024

Deb Lubin, Candye Kane, Shauna & Linda @ Biscuits & Blues last September.



Blonde Wisdom


Photo Courtesy of Liz DiGiorgio

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.
- Aristotle

It's true...all of us are capable of performing random acts of excellence, but only those who make it a habit acheive the kind of lifestyle mostly reserved for the the rich and famous. I'm not saying that money is a measure for how good or decent a person is, but that those who strive for excellence may not be living the Oprah life, but are certainly uplifted because of their commitment to it.

Speaking of Oprah, my chance to brush up against excellence came to pass this last June at a Napa Valley Wine Auction event. When I heard Oprah was there I realized why I'd been carrying around a copy of my magazine, Napa Valley Life. I looked out into a vast sea of countless people and decided if Oprah was here, I was going to hand her this copy. I closed my eyes and said a little prayer "I'm always in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time." When I opened my eyes I began to move forward and within a few minutes I was standing next to her. Just like magic. A few words and I placed it in her hands. A few more words and she was gone with the promise to read the article on Robert Mondavi.

My Oprah moment lasted only a minute but it has had a profound impact on my life. It affirmed for me what I have come to know as truth...that anything is possible. I believe that what the mind can conceive it can acheive...and I know the next time I meet Oprah it is going to be on her show...or maybe she'll be on mine? ;-)

I also know the universe works in mysterious ways, bringing me together with the people, places and things that are for my higher good and greater joy. Another such reminder I got this past Sunday. I returned to church after a five-year absence.

Starbucks may not be good for my health, but it has always been good for my spirit. A week ago Sunday I ran into Reverend Janet from the Church of Religous Science and an old friend I had not seen since high school who was now studying to be a minister and they came to invite me to attend service this week. Larry Sullivan, a man who had been like a grandfather to me, was turning 90 and wouldn't it be a wonderful surprise if I came and sang Happy Birthday to him.

How could I miss it? Afterall Reverend Janet had played a big role in my becoming a professional singer...and Larry Sullivan had been part of my debut. We were both in a Foundations class together, and at the end of the 3-month course I wrote two songs and performed them for the group as my FINAL project. Until that time I had suffered from debilitating stage fright. And I mean the kind of stage fright that closes down your airways. Those who know me now wouldn't even recognize me then. The thought of performing in front of the people in the class, despite the fact that we had just spent the last 3 months "Bonding" was almost paralyzing...almost, but I knew I had to overcome my fear if I was ever going to be successful at anything.

So I got up in front of this group and I sang my songs with confidence and I didn't pass out and everybody hollered and cheered and I thought, "wow, I can do this."

And then Reverend Janet said, "You have to come and sing your songs in church this Sunday." and I thought, "wow, I can do this."

And I did. And six months later I was being paid to do it (sing!) There's more to this story, but I'll save it for my book, or at least another time! Right now my focus is on my upcoming Copia show. And there's a story there too.

But for today I just want to recap the affirmations that have been the cornerstone of my life. The beliefs that have led me to follow my heart and my intuition...to come to believe in myself. I know that reality is just the story you tell yourself and others about your life. I use the following as the outline of that story:

1. “I know where I am going.” Success and progress towards achieving your goals in life begin with having a definite purpose. All decisions you make will be correct when you align with that purpose.

2. “I am sucessful.” Always see yourself as capable. Never doubt your ability to accomplish your objective.

3. “My word is my bond.” Always keep your word, thereby your integrity. Don’t say yes to something unless you are prepared to follow through.

4. “I am Master of my emotions.” Decisions based on emotional discomfort are not likely to stick. Emotions pass, but the impact of your decision may not. Emotional attachment to an idea may very well be an indication of the passion and commitment you will bring to it’s implementation, but make sure the rest of you is in alignment before you make the commitment.

5. “I am positive.” A positive mind always finds a way to get it done while a negative mind always looks for ways it can’t be done. Make sure you are utilizing a positive mental attitude which will attract opportunities to you.

6. “I am flexible” Opportunities for success don’t always walk right in the front door and introduce themselves. Opportunity often comes from the most unexpected places. Be flexible and willing to see them when they appear.

7. “I am always in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time.” Know that whatever situation comes your way, you will always do the right thing towards the right outcome.

8. “I am healthy and strong.” Treasure your health and take every step within your power to maintain your physical well-being. Do not allow illness to be an excuse for failure.

9. “I am enthusiastic.” Your enthusiasm fuels your idea forward when all other resources are expended. Your enthusiasm is contagious and attracts others to support your goals.

10. “I am self-disciplined.” Self-discipline is the controlling factor for every action you take. Without it you are like a ship adrift without a rudder, compass, or sail. You are completely at the mercy of the forces of nature that are free to toss you into whatever direction they may be going.

Read this list every day, and tattoo these affirmations upon your subconscious mind. If you are having trouble reaching or sticking to a decision, read them over and over until you know what the right thing to do is.


My garden keeps me sane!


Where the Girls Are...




Sun. July 13th
Nuclear Blonde & Pat Wilder

Check Out New Nuclear Blonde Video on YOU TUBE- Love Me All the Way

Pat Wilder & Shauna Marshall @ sound check

Nuclear Blonde takes the stage Manabu Okuhara (guitar) Tom Bowers (bass) Steve Trovao (drums) Shauna Marshall (Vocals) Stewart Viets (sax) Phil Marshall (guitar)

Patti and Kari enjoying the wine and the fine Napa Valley Evening

and the SOLD OUT crowd enjoying the courtyard at Headfeathers

it's never too dark or too late to wear your sunglasses...just ask Paquetz!

Pat Wilder and Stewart Viets putting on a show

The "wild" bunch on backup vocals

Manabu, Tom & Paquetz

Kari & Pat

Sun. June 8th
Candye Kane Benefit

Deb Lubin "workin" the door

And the door prizes (although I called them the Boobie prizes all afternoon) included a set of fantasy boobs signed by Elvin Bishop and many other blues legends including Pinetop Perkins.

And backstage another set of fantasy boobs are being signed by the artists performing in the show that evening.

Tommy Castro and Keith Crossan check out Kid Anderson and Rick Estrin yukking it up on stage.

Jon showing off his Les Paul Tshirt.

and still the boobs wait for Tommy to make his way backstage and sign them.

Carmen tries them on for size...

and of course Steve has to check them out as well...

I am NOT a professional model.

Deb Lubin and Steve Spirn

It's Kid Anderson's turn to wear the boobs...let the live auction begin!

Bob Hakins tops the bidding...

But he loses out!

And in a twist of what can only be regarded as good karma for driving up the bidding, Bob wins the other set of boobs that was signed by all of the performers in the raffle.

And this lucky gal won a date with Tommy Castro!

OK, and I got pretty lucky myself! This was my view from the side of the stage...standing just to the right of Keith where I could watch Tommy Castro and Laura Chavez tear it up!

And I caught up with Tommy and Laura for a pix before they were off to the Saloon to finish off the night with Johnny Nitro.

Happy Times!

Ok...enough already! I took so many pix that night you'll have to see the PHOTO ALBUM!



Girls Night Out
with Candye Kane

Last September we had a Girls Nite Out with Candye Kane and she instantly became my favorite female performer...Biscuits was packed and with good reason...

This white trash blues gal can sing! Linda thinks we should team her up with Ron Hacker, SF's own White Trash Bluesman.

Shauna, Jack and Deb out for a night of blues

Deb & Mystery Blues fan

And then it was over to the Saloon for Juce Garcia's Birthday Celebration.

Juce with pals

Juce gets a special hug from Francis Clay, now deceased. Francis was Muddy Waters drummer and was highly regarded for his contribution to the blues. Francis was a regular at the Saloon. We miss him!

Juce & Steve